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Who we are

Our heritage

For more than 28 years now, we are honored to be the trusted partner of world-class organizations and governmental authorities in 40 countries. Our clients rely on us to create and implement unique learning experiences and strategic processes of the utmost value and confidentiality. We are here to guide humans and companies to new heights.

Our passion

Learning4Life is a way to live and work! We look into the future and create positive impact. We love to unleash the potential of professionals, teams and organizations. We invest passion, creativity and proven experience, to lead to a remarkable positive contribution and build our deep, collaborative relationships with clients and partners.

Our differentiation

We constantly create! We shape new models exclusively for champions. We synthesize and develop new approaches! When our clients meet challenging situations, when they hit barriers and arrive at difficult crossroads, they know who to rely on. Learning4Life will help them in a deep and profound way, which will turn all difficulty into advantage and strength.

Our Outstanding Methodology

Our methodology unfolds in a totally interactive and collaborative way. We believe in learning by doing, reflecting, reviewing, collaborating and experiencing! This approach governs our interactions with all stakeholders, all strategic processes and all learning experiences. Learning4Life can and cares to support you A to Z. We employ all up to date tools to enhance our effectiveness. We engage all stakeholders and learners, in order to accelerate the results you need. The hybrid world is our second nature.




Our methodologies in customization, interviewing, observing and assessing level of competence, serve you in the diagnostic phase. We work together with you, to understand your real needs and set clear aims in every process.



We are creators. We develop new and exclusive content for you, taking into deep consideration all important aspects and acute needs, all gaps to be bridged. We incorporate the logical, emotional and organizational language incomparably.



Every program is totally unique. Solutions that replicate, only have a common methodological part. We adapt delivery to every unique individual and team. Harness full advantage of our talent and instant creativity.



We are generous. Following the completion of every solution, we enhance the positive impact for you. We can become an extension of your team and reinforce your successful future.

Our Management team

We are a team consisting of fully-fledged professionals with a long and sound background, walking the paths of our unique greatness. Each of us represents a different angle of the business and adds on a special field of experience and excellence in our proposition. We share the same enthusiasm and fulfillment by offering our superior services to our clients. We are deeply touched to see our learners evolve their careers exponentially and our customers achieve top-class distinctions.
We believe in agility, adaptability, generosity and joy.

Marina Giareni

“What does success look like for me?  The first words that come to my mind are “positive impact”.  It’s about uninterrupted learning, instant creativity, profound development of self and others. That’s what success looks like for me”


Always entrepreneurial and adaptable,  Marina juggles between the wonderful roles of being a mother of two wonderful and smart daughters, running two businesses, having a global senior role, being an active volunteer, taking care of health, resting properly and sharing priceless moments with her family and friends.

Throughout the 28 years of her career, she uses her academic background in technology, leadership and human resources to support individuals, teams and organizations in creating possibilities for a fulfilling and more successful future.

She leads strategy, learning and development projects for 24 years now, servicing all market sectors in 40 countries, having invested a part of her career as a senior project leader for Microsoft and the Organizing Committee for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

“Marina is passionate to provide exciting, substantial, inspirational learning and coaching that deeply influences mindsets, shifts attitudes, and develops the future. I admire her for taking such pride in her mutually appreciated and long-lasting, sound friendships and collaborations. And this, to me, is the true colors of success”.- Lilian 🙂

Lilian Moschidou

VP for customer success
“What is my every day’s bet?   To always manage to reach out to “what’s best” in every person, in every team, or effort.  To carry positive energy, creativity and empowerment while wearing any of my different hats of motherhood or management and consulting.”


Lilian is a senior marketer, with a strong experience in 360-degree marketing strategy design, complex project management and team leadership.  Her background is rooted in a broad, leadership path of sales and trade marketing, corporate communications, brand management roles and independent consulting.

She thrived in the rapidly expanding and competitive fields of information technology and telecommunications, such as Microsoft, Ericsson and Sony.  With her always exploring mindset, she has dared different paths including a Hybrid (public-private) role in the Destination management field and a marketing leadership role in the startups’ field of health and biotechnology, intensifying her skills in leading fundamental change and development.

“Lilian can be your advisor, your dedicated consultant, your lever for growth, your friend.  She embraces the power of teams,  sound cooperation and healthy people’s relations, which she always pursuit, in every assignment and aspect of life.  I admire her passion to create and lead the way of important and meaningful endeavors”.  – Marina 🙂

Our Team of Facilitators and Lead Consultants

Learning4Life team members contribute with their talent and expertise as needed. The dedicated members of our team have been selected for their expertise, qualifications and professional experience. Our trusted trainers, facilitators for strategy, moderators, subject matter experts and lead consultants are highly experienced, successful in the professional arena and familiar with many corporate cultures. Above all, they draw fulfillment from the transmission of their knowledge and experience and work with passion and enthusiasm.