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Our Partners

Learning4Life and N.E.W.S.®

Learning4Life has been partnering with N.E.W.S.® since 2014. That makes us part of a value-driven and global network of leading organizations and partners, for strategy, training and executive coaching. We jointly support our clients in their quest to develop and thrive in times of change and transformation

N.E.W.S.® Coaching & Training

Since 2006, N.E.W.S.® has been working with top leaders, executives and teams, to help them navigate their organizations through change. You are welcomed to visit N.E.W.S.®, the pioneers who coined the concept of navigation, in the context of organizational development and consulting.

We chose N.E.W.S.® and Fruit4Growth Ltd because we are also passionate

To change the way people work together

To support individuals, teams and organizations navigate successfully through change and uncertainty

To facilitate strategy and transformation initiatives

Aviad Goz, The Chief Visionary Officer of N.E.W.S.®

Aviad Goz is a globally recognized thought leader in personal and organizational development and author of 12 books. After extensive research and study, he designed the unique N.E.W.S.® Compass™, a model that supports people, teams and organizations to overcome their challenges and lead them to new heights.

Fruit4Growth Ltd Strategy, Training, Consulting and Coaching

Learning4Life has been associating with Fruit4Growth Ltd since 2018. With a great international presence and a solid suite of solutions in strategy and transformation, this partnership has substantially expanded our scope in the global market.