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Organizational Transformation

Nurturing Culture

Transformation can never succeed without defining a target culture. Our dynamic solutions will help you cultivate and embracing of the needed culture as a fundamental leadership tool. The top needs right now: Being agile, digital, customer-centric, or having a strong coaching culture. One size solution does not fit all needs. We will develop every solution uniquely for you. A process to nurture culture can look like this:

  • Define Culture and Create Experiential Activities
  • Exclusive Program for Top Leaders & Executive Coaching
  • Perform Cross-Functional Activities to Cascade
  • Deploy the Culture via Experiential Workshops
  • Assess the Level of Acceptance of the New Culture
  • Deal with Difficulties and Challenges

Leading in Adversity

In times of adversity and transformation, organizations, senior teams and leaders phase the challenge to navigate their teams in a volatile, uncertain and complex environment. They need to create their next phase together with a high level of alignment and engagement. To lead in adversity requires a certain scale of transformative thinking and doing.  We design and implement many programs for managers or hypo groups, to prepare them for new roles in this new reality. Our programs are totally connected to business goals. We complete these programs with assessments and evaluations.

Re-inventing Collaboration

The business environment today is much more challenging. Virtual work settings present a growing challenge for employees at all levels. This creates a whole new reality. The way people work together has changed. The many hybrid patterns demand processes to validate, that practices followed by employees and leaders are correct, or teach them and put in action new mindsets, skills and the necessary tools. Our solutions have been created in response to these current needs and dynamics. They combine learning workshops like “Virtual Effectiveness – Internally and Externally” and group coaching to support employees and leaders, perform their best in this new era.

Effectiveness by Remote

From technological advancements through evolving customer journey and employee expectations, our world is changing at a bewildering pace. Our constantly changing reality involves leading virtual teams through transformation. This requires a new mindset, new types of skills and a powerful set of tools. Organizations require resilient leaders to empower, motivate and achieve results, by putting these new skills into practice.  With our world-class programs, we help leaders and senior managers lead themselves and their teams taking full advantage of the modern hybrid environment.

Cascading Strategy

Organizations need unique processes of alignment and engagement. We support in cascading organizational strategy to larger management teams as a first step, and then to the whole organization. The process allows for fast strategic movements and a high level of ownership of new strategies throughout.  Our most preferred total solution includes:

  • Organizational Navigation™ for the senior management team
  • Team Navigation™ for the critical teams
  • Rapid Organizational Implementation for all the employees
  • Executive coaching programs depending on the needs

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