Empowering organizations to be more productive

Enabling executives to achieve professional fulfilment

Interpersonal Skills

Lead your career to the top, by upholding positive and successful work relationships among colleagues, subordinates and superiors.

Interpersonal Effectiveness and Positive Thinking

Building Better Work Relationships: New Techniques for Result-Oriented Communication

Interpersonal Skills Solutions

Communicating Up, Down and Across the Organization

Communication and Interpersonal Skills: A Seminar for IT and Technical Professionals

Developing Effective Business Conversation Skills


Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness Training for Managers

Assertiveness Training for Women in Business

Expanding Your Influence: Understanding the Psychology of Persuasion

Getting Results without Authority

Create a Respectful Workplace: Improve Morale, Increase Productivity and Achieve Business Goals

Negotiating to Win

Personality matters

How to get your idea approved

Ten things successful people do differently

Managing failure


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